Wedding Services

Stop the scroll. I’ve got ya covered! With 10 years experience, 1500 suppliers, around 150 venues, countless weddings under my belt, & all the time in the world at my fingertips, I promise you that I can get you your life back!

Supplier & Venue Search

From £250

Trying to find the perfect venue or suppliers to really make your party pop? Directory trawling got you frustrated? Then I’m your girl! Let me sort it with you…

Help me find the one!
On the day coordination

From £900

Want to organise your wedding but DON’T fancy spending the day with a clip-board & schedule in hand? I mean, I don’t blame you. It wouldn’t match your dress! OK then, this is the option for you.

I hate paperwork!

From £25/h

Now this is a complete life-saver! Fed up chasing in menu choices? Want that contract from your DJ but it’s not forthcoming? Venue keeps sending you emails about floor plans & you can’t keep up? Then you need this service for sure!

Hold my clipboard!
Last minute coordination

From £2000

Managed to do the majority of your wedding planning, but now just want your life back? Then this is the perfect option for you. Naughty but nice!

Feeling naughty!
Full Wedding Planning

Do you have more ideas than Pinterest, but less free time than a rock band on tour? Then this is the only package for you! Bespoke quote per couple

Styling & Theme Creation

From £500

You know I have an eye for styling, I can create spine-tinglingly good themes (can you say Peaky Blinders wedding??) So why not employ me to create an amazing theme, to really bring your ideas together, & leave you with a wedding day fits everything you dreamt of... and more.

Need that Aisle style!
Stress Buster

£80 for up to 60 minutes

This is the ESSENTIAL for any couple looking to untangle their thoughts & gain clarity. During our session, we will run through your plans so far, check all paperwork, highlight any essentials which are missing & then perhaps most importantly, create a detailed checklist of your next steps. I'll answer your questions in real time, offer recommendations where appropriate, & create an easy to use plan of action enabling you to complete you plans in confidence. PHEW!

Bust my stress!
Photo credit: Ellen Forster Photography