It's your moment. Make it epic.

You’re engaged! Oh my days. You never thought it would happen but here you are, with a sparkler on your finger, a Pinterest account that’s full of enough ideas to make your bank manager weep, & that awful nagging feeling that no one will be able to pull off this wedding.

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Don't be a sheep.

God knows you love your friends & family, but you want your wedding to be YOUR wedding. Full of what makes YOU happy. You love colour, you love a good theme, you adore the relationship that you & your other half have, with all its quirks & weirdness, &you’re desperate for that to be evident at your big day.

What the bloody hell are you meant to do? Where do you start? How can you take these photos from a screen & make them become a reality? You keep looking at websites, & downloading checklists. You’re saving blogs & Facebook pages, following anyone on Insta who seems like they might be a good fit, but honestly?

It’s all a bit much! You can feel yourself getting overwhelmed by it all & each time some well-meaning person asks “how are the plans going? You must be so excited!” You just have that fixed grin on your face. You know the one, the smile doesn’t reach your eyes. And your stomach kinda churns at the huge task ahead of you.

It’s not just the size of the project though, is it? It’s the fact that all those fantastic ideas that you have, well others are putting their 2p’s worth in, making you question your choices. “Oh. You like that kind of dress? Are you sure it’ll suit you?” “Oh, you’re not having a 3course sit down meal?

How… brave of you!” “If I were you, I wouldn’t mix those colours / go for that theme / ditch that tradition…” Yeah that dreaded phrase, “If I were you”.

They’re not you, though, are they?? Surely it’s YOUR wedding day, so things should be done YOUR way?!

It’s OK, I can’t read your mind! But I CAN tell you I’ve worked with countless couples who’ve been in your position before, & I promise you that I’ve helped them to design & create a day that’s as epic as they deserve. And now? Now it’s YOUR turn. So, let’s chat.How do you REALLY feel about planning this wedding...?

We had an amazing time & it was everything we could have hoped for