The mad genius, Beckie...

I’ve been where you are. Listening to someone I love put down my ideas, or even worse, just a stranger on an online forum making me question my choices. Your wedding day is about a celebration of you & your other half’s combined love & fab relationship. It is NOT (yes I shouted that) about compromising to please others.

My own journey

When I got engaged in 2004, I was so excited! I wanted a wedding that was different & funky & I had such epic ideas! I wanted to get married wearing a white trouser suit & top hat, at a hotel on the edge of one of the lakes in The Lake District.

I voiced these wishes to close family & you know what they said? “You can’t do that”. For the venue, I was told “You can’t go there! Family won’t travel that far” (we lived in Hertfordshire at the time) For my outfit, I was told “You can’t wear that, you’re a girl. You need to get married in a dress”.

So do you what I did? I compromised. Do you know what’s happened? 16 years on (& counting!) these compromises STILL make me mad. 

I DON’T want this to happen to you! I want you looking back on your wedding filled only with utter joy & thoughts such as “well THAT was frikking AWESOME!” You shouldn’t have any regrets over compromises that you made. You hear me? Your day, YOUR way. 

I’ve been designing & creating weddings since around 2010, & have won awards for my work. I’m HUGELY proud of what I do. Since I became a qualified wedding planner, I’ve found my true calling & I’m passionate about designing & creating epic wedding days for quirky couples. A day that truly represents them. ZERO COMPROMISES!